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Directed by Frederick Wiseman

United States 1983 118 mins. In English

In this fly-on-the-wall examination of the surrealism of the everyday, Wiseman points his camera at the flagship luxury department store Neiman Marcus in Dallas, Texas, during the 1982 holiday season and the height of fame of landmark TV series Dallas. Wiseman, granted unprecedented access to the store’s day-to-day operations, from sales meetings to showrooms, shows us the inner workings of Reagan-era capitalism through the prismatic lens of big retail. “Insatiable need, ostentatious greed, and desperate loneliness hang in the air, as sales clerks smooth-talk rich, insecure Texans into buying furs and jewels and other ‘indispensable’ luxury goods, and employers and management gather together over holiday celebrations filled with sad tinsel decorations and even sadder conversations.”—The Museum of Modern Art.