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Directed by Eugène Green

France, Belgium 2016 113 mins. In French

Wry visual humor, playful religious subtext, and a note of farce inform a coming of age story that takes aim at French cultural pretensions. Vincent, a discontented high school student in Paris, lives with his mother, who won’t tell him who his father is. Despite her efforts, he sets out to find him on his own. The search leads him to Oscar, a narcissistic, womanizing publisher who shows no interest in Vincent and stirs rage. But an encounter with his father’s brother, Joseph, provides the missing father figure, and together the two begin to explore Paris with new eyes.

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Filmography: La Sapienza (2014), The Portuguese Nun (2009), Le pont des Arts (2004), The Living World (2003), Toutes les nuits (2001)