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The Somnambulists

Self-described as a “kinographic novel,” The Somnambulists combines stylized drawings, inter-titles and music to fashion an intriguing combination of graphic novel and early silent cinema. In the year 2047, a new drug called Somnambula, which does away with the need for sleep, arrives to a city below the Moon’s surface. As the residents wander about in a sleepless daze, Bruno, a former circus performer, searches for his missing partner, a boy who has mysteriously disappeared. Bruno’s search leads him to the inventor of Somnambula, who seems to have the power to control others with his mind. Winner of the Best Animated film at the 2015 Independent Filmmakers’ Showcase in Los Angeles, Andres’s film is a hypnotic fantasy and a meditation on the nature of love.

Genres: Animation, Experimental

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Three Days Drowning

Artist and graphic novelist Mark Andres has adapted his unique storytelling method to the screen with a series of feature films depicting science fiction and traditional horror stories. Departing in theme, Three Days Drowning tells the story of an artist commissioned by a wealthy couple to paint their portrait. As the painting progresses over several