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The Sense of an Ending

  • Directed by Ritesh Batra
  • United Kingdom, 2016, 108 mins., English

Based on British author Julian Barnes’s Booker-prize winning novel about memory, jealousy, aging, and self-delusion, this film follows Tony (Jim Broadbent), a semi-retired and divorced curmudgeon wryly skilled at subjectively ordering his own history. The possibility of an alternate reality arises when the diary of his best friend, Adrian, is bequeathed to him after his mysterious suicide. But Veronica (Charlotte Rampling), who was Tony’s love before Adrian, won’t let him have it and he can’t figure why. As he sleuths and obsesses with his jaded ex-wife (Harriet Walter), the past comes due for new acknowledgment.

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Reviews: Variety, Hollywood Reporter

Filmography: The Lunchbox (2013)

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