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Directed by Frank Peregini

United States 1929 68 mins.

Historically notable as one of the first feature films with an all-black cast and specifically made for a black audience, The Scar of Shame spins the tale of Louise (Lucia Moses), an impoverished young woman under the thumb of her alcoholic, abusive father (William E. Pettus). Rescued by a young composer (Harry Henderson) who happens to see the abuse firsthand, Louise nonetheless can’t fully escape the confines of societal construction when his highfalutin’ mother disapproves of their burgeoning relationship. Meanwhile, Louise’s father plots his revenge… While the film’s gender politics refuse to hide their advanced age, the film’s honest depiction of bourgeois institutions and the concept of respectability—which cuts across class lines—shine through, compelling us to look closer to find understanding.

Genres: Drama

Appears in: Special Screenings