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Directed by Philip Ridley

United Kingdom, Canada 1990 96 mins. In English

Someone has been abducting and murdering children in a rural 1950s American town. Seth (Jeremy Cooper) and the other boys he runs with become convinced that a local widow (Lindsay Duncan) is to blame and is, additionally, a vampire. When Seth’s brother (Viggo Mortensen) becomes involved with her, it’s up to Seth to keep his brother safe. Philip Ridley’s atmospheric film made serious waves on the film festival circuit upon release, taking home multiple awards from Locarno, Stockholm, and Sitges. Sitting somewhere between the twin influences of Malick and Lynch, The Reflecting Skin is a visual wonder, equally as obsessed with the landscape in which its characters reside as it is with the surreal and threatening circumstances that compel them. “It reminded me of Blue Velvet and the other works of David Lynch, but I think it’s better. . . It’s not really about America at all, it’s about nightmares, and I’m not easily going to forget it.” -Roger Ebert.