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Directed by Jessica Gorter

Russia 2018 90 mins. In Russian

The Red Soul, on its surface, seeks to trouble the notion that modern-day Russia is totally in thrall to Putin’s seemingly universal power over the country and its destiny in a globalized world. Recent polls have shown that a huge percentage of Russia’s population longs for the rule of Josef Stalin, who is deemed their #1 comrade of all time. Gorter’s crisp and surprising film tracks this sentiment through the apartments, public squares, cemeteries, woods, and summer camps of Russia, and unearths some very unexpected results—depending on your view of a country at a crossroads, situated just on the edge of the global political and economic upper class. “Trains a sensitive and expert outsider’s eye on the complex Russian psyche . . . Ambitiously intriguing.”—Neil Young, The Hollywood Reporter. In Russian with English subtitles.

Genres: Documentary

Appears in: Essential Cinema