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Directed by Michelangelo Antonioni

Spain, Italy, France 1975 126 mins. In English

The original Italian title of Antonioni’s existential masterpiece, which directly translates to Profession: Reporter, belies none of the dread or exquisite beauty present in The Passenger. Following war correspondent David Locke (Jack Nicholson) as he searches for his next story in the Sahara Desert, the film hops continents after Locke meets a look-alike arms dealer and meets a drifting young woman (Maria Schneider). As the pair drift through Southern Europe, the authorities threaten to close in around Locke, who becomes caught in a deadly game that he couldn’t predict. “In many circles regarded as one of Antonioni’s lesser ennui-infected efforts, the director’s crowning masterpiece is actually something akin to a career summation, merging form and content in such marvelous harmony that the film’s beguiling, espionage-tinged mystery becomes a mere afterthought when compared with the way said narrative’s thematic preoccupations are echoed by its deliberately disorienting structure.”—Slant Magazine

Genres: Thriller

Appears in: Essential Cinema