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Directed by Chris Marker

France 1989 340 mins. In French with subtitles

After making many essay film masterpieces in the 1960s and 1970s, Chris Marker turned increasingly to television in the 1980s, culminating in this charming 13-episode meditation on the place of ancient Greek thought in modern life. Each 30-minute episode is structured around a single word: symposium, Olympics, democracy, nostalgia, amnesia, mathematics, logomachy, music, cosmogony, mythology, misogyny, tragedy, and philosophy. Together, they form an idiosyncratically holistic picture of the contemporary West—warts and all. Marker invites myriad “experts” in to hold forth on their topic of specialty, lending useful dialogue and sometimes humorous dynamics to the larger project of mapping the age of Socrates and Plato to our current moment, and illuminating the ways in which everything and nothing has changed in the intervening 2000+ years. In French, English, Greek, Japanese, Russian with English subtitles.


Tuesday, May 7, 7 pm – episodes 1-7

Wednesday, May 8, 7 pm – episodes 8-13

Friday, May 10, 7 pm – episodes 1-7

Saturday, May 11, 3 pm – episodes 1-13

Sunday, May 12, 5 pm – episodes 1-13


There will be an intermission between episodes 4-5, 7-8, and 10-11.

Genres: Essay Film

Appears in: Weekend Engagements