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The Olive Tree

  • Directed by Icíar Bollaín
  • Spain/Germany, 2016, 100 mins., Spanish/German/English/French

This engaging, warmhearted fable encapsulates the wider story of modern Spain within a very personal narrative. Alma’s family has deep roots in Castellón, Spain, having produced olive oil there for generations. But tough times led them to sell their prized thousand-year-old olive tree and transition to chicken farming. The grief was too much for Alma’s beloved grandfather, and his health declined. Determined to save her family’s fortunes and reverse her grandfather’s deteriorating condition, Alma sets off on a quixotic quest to return the family heirloom—planted somewhere else in Europe—to its proper place. “…rooted in the best cinematic soil there is—emotional truth—The Olive Tree gets its hooks in early on, and then never lets up.”—The Hollywood Reporter. For audiences 14+.

Sponsored by Southpark and the Lamb-Baldwin Foundation

Reviews: Variety, Hollywood Reporter, Cineuropa

Interviews: Interview with Icíar Bollaín at Cineuropa

Filmography: Even the Rain (2010), Take My Eyes (2003), Flowers from Another World (1999)

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