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Directed by Aleksi Salmenperä

Finland 2016 94 mins. In Finnish

Jussi, a young, ambitious civil servant, finds himself in charge of the environmental permit for the huge Talvivaara nickel and uranium mine in Lapland. The mine is pioneering a new method of collecting minerals, while creating jobs in one of the poorest areas in Scandinavia. Jussi slowly discovers, however, that the new method has serious environmental downsides. A new application for another permit is brought to him by the same mine, and with the application comes an interesting job offer and a chance of a new beginning. Jussi has to decide whether he will play along and, if so, with whom. A fictionalized story inspired by one of Europe’s   biggest environmental disasters, “Salmenperä creates a smart and gritty film leaving the viewer to question their own environmental morals.”—Edinburgh International Film Festival. In Finnish with English subtitles.

Genres: Drama

Appears in: New Scandinavian Cinema