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Directed by John Sturges

United States 1960 128 mins. In English

In this lean remake of SEVEN SAMURAI, Sturges transports Kurosawa’s epic 18th-century jidaigeki (period drama) to mid-19th-century Mexico, near the US border. The core of the story remains: A small peasant village, self-sustaining and seemingly peaceful, is repeatedly raided by a miscreant band of pillagers led by Calvera (Eli Wallach). The villagers find help in the form of Chris (Yul Brynner), an expert gunslinger from Dodge City, who brings together a small army of six very different men, from a dashing wanderer (Steve McQueen), to an Irish-Mexican gunfighter (Charles Bronson), to an inexperienced yet eager newcomer (Horst Buchholz). In the end, Sturges’s western is a subtly profound examination of masculinity in the face of despair.

Genres: Thriller, Action

Appears in: Samurai Cinema