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Directed by Ezekiel Brown

Oregon 2018 113 mins. In English

In this follow-up to director Ezekiel Brown’s first season of The Lyric Project, he continues to ask the question: “What is one’s strongest connection to a particular song, and why?” Brown presents ten unique visual narratives to answer this question, highlighting personal audial relationships to ten different songs. Songs include “Radio Cure” by Wilco, “It Was Just One of Those Things” by Frank Sinatra, “Just Like Suicide” by Soundgarden, “Forever” by Ben Harper, and “Screenwriter’s Blues” by Soul Coughing. In addition to the narratives, season two features interviews with neurologist Dr. Tudor Popescu, who talks about the science behind memory and the associations with particular songs. Described by Brown as a music documentary and recently selected for Blow Up Film Fest, a Chicago International Arthouse Film Festival, The Lyric Project Season 2: How to Say Goodbye is a layered experience of music, poetry, stories, and memory. Come early for a reception and stick around for a Q&A following the screening.

Genres: Music, Drama, Documentary

Appears in: Northwest Tracking