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Directed by Joshua Oppenheimer

Denmark, Indonesia 2014 99 mins. In Indonesian, Javanese

Joshua Oppenheimer follows his riveting The Act of Killing (2012), about Indonesia’s anti-communist massacres in the 1960s, with this searing companion piece. Here, focus shifts from the perpetrators to their victims, who decades later seek closure for family members. We accompany Adi, a middle-aged optician caring for his centenarian parents, as he sets out to confront his older brother’s killers. While he probes former death-squad leaders about their roles and revisits the scenes of the crimes, their denial that the killings even occurred proves challenging. In pressing perpetrators to confess, Oppenheimer exposes the high level of accepted misinformation about the politics, participants, and events that occurred, which are rapidly being erased from cultural memory. In Indonesian and Javanese with English subtitles.