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Directed by Miwa Nishikawa

Japan 2016 123 mins. In Japanese

Celebrated novelist Tsumura is married to Natsuko, but their passion for each other has long disappeared. When she dies in a bus crash, he feels no sadness and has to feign grief in public. To his embarrassment, his calculated displays catch the attention of Omiya, the genuinely devastated husband of another of the crash victims, and Tsumura finds himself mysteriously drawn into the lives of the bereaved man and his two children. Nishikawa’s touching drama, laced with humor, tells the story of a self-centered man who finally finds connection outside himself.

Sponsored by the Consular Office of Japan in Portland

Reviews: Variety, Hollywood Reporter, Japan Times

Filmography: Dreams for Sale (2012), Dear Doctor (2009), Ten Nights of Dreams (2006), Sway (2006), Wild Berries (2003)