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Directed by Charles Crichton

United Kingdom 1951 81 mins.

With the aid of two bumbling sidekicks, timid bank clerk Henry Holland (Alec Guiness) nearly gets away with the heist of the century—a million pounds of gold bullion melted down into Eiffel Tower paperweights. But the plan goes awry when some schoolgirls mistake the gilt treasures as cheesy Parisian souvenirs. “As the prim, innocuous civil servant with a hidden spark of nonconformity. . .Guinness describes his gleaming-eyed, bowler-hatted little man as the ‘fubsy’ type, and he’s an image of Everyman. . .Probably the most nearly perfect fubsy comedy of all time. It’s a minor classic, a charmer. Stanley Holloway is the genteel, artistic accomplice. . .”—Pauline Kael.

Genres: Comedy