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Directed by Ali Mosaffa

Iran 2012 88 mins. In Farsi

Inspired by James Joyce’s “The Dead,” this engrossing tale of grief, guilt, and lost love is narrated from beyond the grave by architect Khosro (Mosaffa), who has died in a mysterious fall but lingers around his beautiful film star wife, Leila (Leila Hatami), reviewing their complicated but loving marriage. Hanging around the set where she is trying to finish shooting the film begun before his death, previously unexplained truths dawn on him, but Leila, who manages to insert her perspective into the story, still has some secrets. This complex, ironic, and delicate psychological thriller is lead actor Mosaffa’s sophomore directing effort. “Blending elements of whodunit mystery, love triangle, and poetic meditation on mortality…yet another reminder that Iran is awash with world-class filmmakers.”—The Hollywood Reporter.