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Directed by Mahalia Cohen

Oregon 2017 88 mins. In English

Jack Willits is “The Last Hot Lick,” a pushing-70 musician on a never-ending tour of small gigs in Eastern Oregon. Gigging from town to town in the hope of recapturing some of his past success, he meets a mysterious woman whose beautiful voice might be the ticket to his comeback. Absorbed by his good fortune and blind to reality, he doesn’t see that she might be too good to be true. Jaime Leopold, of the Portland band Jaime Leopold and the Short Stories, and an original member of Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks, plays the aging alt-folk troubadour with knowing experience and compassion, performing many of his “American quirk” songs in fitting context. Leopold and Short Stories singer Jennifer Smieja, who plays Jack’s muse, will perform at the screening and talk about the film.

Genres: Narrative

Appears in: Reel Music 35