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Directed by Mami Sunada

Japan 2013 118 mins.

Studio Ghibli, Japan’s most influential animation studio and one of the world’s most famous, is the subject of this fascinating documentary. With a heavy focus on the production of master animator and studio chief Hayao Miyazaki’s final film The Wind Rises, Sunada explores the nuts and bolts of producing an animated feature from start to finish. Seeing the storyboards, drafts, sketches, work shopping, and experimentation provides a deep appreciation of Miyazaki, his craft, and his honored place in the world of animation. “The atmosphere inside Studio Ghibli may suggest a zen-like idyll, but animation is a painstaking—and sometimes painful—process…Sunada’s tour of the ‘Kingdom’ makes us appreciate the magic all the more.”—Variety.

Genres: Documentary