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Directed by Donal Foreman

Ireland, France, United States, United Kingdom 2018 73 mins. In English

Billed as a “film between Donal Foreman and Arthur McCaig,” The Image You Missed is a powerful excavation of historical memory and a beautifully rendered cross-generational portrait of father and son, both documentary filmmakers. Set largely against the backdrop of “The Troubles,” or Northern Ireland’s violently disputed status as part of the UK or part of Ireland, the film is comprised of reams of archival footage shot by McCaig (based in Paris but very active in Northern Ireland during the 1980s). Foreman grapples with this, mining resonance to his contemporary image-making practice while connecting with his father across images and across time. “How to reconcile the personal and the political, how we connect (or fail to) with images and with each other through images lie at the heart of this absolute must-see, one of the most charged and beautifully weighted essay films of recent times.” —Kieran Corliss, Sight & Sound.

Filmography: Out of Here (2013)

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