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Directed by Jean-Luc Godard

Switzerland, France 2018 85 mins. In French, English, German, Arabic, Italian with subtitles

A new film by the legendary Jean-Luc Godard is always cause for celebration, and with The Image Book, the 88-year-old director delivers his most potent cine-essay in some time. Heavily reminiscent of his 2004 television work Histoire(s) du Cinéma, this dense-with-allusion collage film works through various threads of contemporary image-making, taking images and language as the material to shape a treatise about the world as it is now—full of strife and catastrophe but also intense beauty not seen in the same forms previously. Just as new images and speech create new meaning, old images and speech can also tell us about the world today. “Rich, disturbing and strange.”—Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian. “For all its apocalyptic doom and gloom, The Image Book has moments of great tenderness and melancholy, and exhilarating, even transcendent, rhythm.” —Andréa Picard, Cinema Scope.

Selected filmography: Breathless (1960), Contempt (1963), Bande à part (1964), Pierrot le Fou (1965), Masculin Féminin (1966), Week-End (1967), Histoire(s) du cinéma (1998), Film Socialisme (2010), Farewell to Language (2014)

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