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Directed by Christina Rosendahl

Denmark 2015 114 mins. In Danish, Greenlandic, English

In 1968, during the Cold War, an American B-52 bomber carrying nuclear warheads crashed on the polar ice near the US military Air Base in Danish controlled Thule, Greenland. A few days later, the governments proclaim the situation is under control and there is no cause for concern. Hundreds of Thule workers start a gigantic cleanup operation, and after eight months, the case is closed. Eighteen years later, an ambitious reporter unexpectedly discovers that the true story of the crash is buried deep beneath the Thule Bay ice cap, and deep in the U.S.’s classified archives, and the reality of what happened has had lasting repercussions. Rosendah’s documentary-style Arctic conspiracy thriller brings to light a long-buried slice of recent Scandinavian political history. 

Genres: Drama, Thriller

Appears in: New Scandinavian Cinema