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Directed by Mig Windows, Rory Owens

60 mins.

The I Never trilogy is an anthology of ghost stories exploring themes of heartbreak, infidelity, suicide, and the supernatural. Loosely based on Japanese ghost stories as recounted by early 1900s European folklorist Lafcadio Hearn, the films nod to the cultural significance of the source material while moving the action to the modern-day Pacific Northwest. Written and directed by Ashland, Oregon filmmaker, Mig Windows, and co-directed by her frequent collaborator, Medford-based filmmaker Rory Owens. Told in three parts, the first film, I Never Can, 2015, introduces viewers to Jenny, played by Windows, a woman scorned by her unfaithful partner, Matt, who resorts to desperate measures. The second film, I Never Will, 2017, finds Matt’s new lover, Kim, haunted by the consequences of his past actions with Jenny. Finally in I Never Did, 2019, the trilogy comes to its haunting conclusion as Matt comes face to face with his own personal demons.  Director Mig Windows will be in attendance and take part in a question and answer post-screening.

Genres: Horror

Appears in: Northwest Tracking