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Directed by Zuzana Liová

Czech Republic 2011 97 mins. In Czech

Remarkable for its depth of characterization, this sensitively observed, intelligently made realist tale of generational conflict is set in a remote Slovak village where old grudges die hard. Ambitious teen Eva is about to graduate from high school and eager to experience the world outside her pokey hometown. Meanwhile, her dour, controlling father is painstakingly building her a house on the family property. After Eva meets a handsome new neighbor, she is tempted, like her now-disowned older sister before her, to leave the family nest sooner rather than later. For a father with deeply entrenched values, there are not words to express the devastation of change. Liová’s tightly constructed screenplay makes meaningful looks and repeated gestures speak louder than words about expectations and desires.

Genres: Drama

Appears in: New Czech Cinema