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Directed by Victor Moreno

Spain 2018 80 mins. In Spanish with subtitles

A sensory journey with few parallels this year, Moreno’s (Edificio España) latest investigation into infrastructure plunges us deep underground in Madrid to deliver an often-thrilling portrait of the unseen labor and locations that exist beneath a major city in the 21st century. Following workers through tunnels and caverns, Moreno uses the camera as a kind of exploratory device, much like the throbbing machinery found in these subterranean spaces. One of the year’s most exciting filmic experiences, The Hidden City is a new kind of city symphony: dark, damp, straining to find the most minuscule sliver of light beaming down from above, but always aware of the life that nonetheless thrives so deep underground.

Filmography: Holidays (2010), Edificio España (2012)

Sponsored by SPAIN arts and culture and the Hoxton Hotel