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Directed by Ruben Östlund

Sweden 2004 89 mins.

“One of the quirkiest Swedish films of recent memory, Östlund’s film has all the makings of a cult classic. Defying traditional norms of storytelling, it presents a dark but also humorous depiction of a society with lonely people and sudden outbursts of violence. In each sequence, the camera remains in a fixed position, recording events that unfold. On a roof, a young boy twists TV antennas so viewers’ reception goes fuzzy. A woman leaves her apartment, showing signs of compulsive behavior. A boy plays his guitar, screaming rather than singing the lyrics. Some young men destroy all the bicycles they can find. Two men in a kitchen try to convince a third man, whose face is digitally obscured, to participate in a game of Russian roulette. These people, and others, reappear throughout the film, which has no traditional narrative, instead describing moods and feelings in Sweden in the new millennium.”—Variety.