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The Great Northwest

Portland filmmaker Matt McCormick’s film is inspired by—and recreates—a 3,200-mile road trip made in 1958 by four Seattle women who recorded their journey in an elaborate scrapbook of photos, postcards, brochures, and receipts. Fifty years after their trip, McCormick found the scrapbook in a thrift store and, charmed, set out to re-trace their route, searching out every stop that the ladies had so lovingly documented five decades earlier. The resulting film juxtaposes the land and landmarks then and now, a double portrait capturing the eternal and the new. “Like McCormick’s other quasi-documentary film projects, THE GREAT NORTHWEST is notable for the sheer visual pleasure that it offers viewers. McCormick is very patient with his camera and he draws on a talented photographic eye to deliver prolonged shots that can’t be described as anything other than lovely.”—Megan Driscoll,

Genres: Experimental, Documentary, Diary

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