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Directed by Jean Renoir

France, Italy 1952 103 mins. In French, Italian

Renoir’s 18th-century comic fantasy is a valentine to the theater and the music of Vivaldi, starring the larger-than-life Anna Magnani. A commedia dell’arte troupe from Italy arrives in an 18th-century Peruvian town where the viceroy, infatuated by the leading actress Camilla, presents her with the fabulous golden coach, a symbol of power that he intended for his mistress. “Light and serious, cynical and exquisite, a blend of color, wit, and Vivaldi…. Anna Magnani tries out a series of love roles in a play within a play within a movie. Magnani with her deep sense of the ridiculous in herself and others, Magnani with her roots in the earth, is the miraculous choice that gives this film its gusto and its piercing beauty.”—Pauline Kael.

Genres: Comedy, Historical