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Directed by Sally Potter

United Kingdom 1983 89 mins. In English

Sally Potter’s (Orlando, The Tango Lesson) debut feature is a thrilling experimental musical following two women at opposite ends of the deep thirst and structural desire for gold. Celeste (Colette Laffont), an office worker fed up with the technological solutionism of computers and the financial logic of her bosses, resolves to seek answers. Meanwhile, Ruby (Julie Christie), the daughter of an Alaskan gold prospector, yearns for a connection to her past, and to her family, but time has significantly eroded her memories. These two storylines interweave unexpectedly through ingenious, inventive musical set pieces and brilliant set design. Made with an all-female crew including cinematographer Babette Mangolte (Jeanne Dielman), The Gold Diggers is a beautiful, poignant landmark work of feminist cinema.