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Directed by Greg Barker

United States 2017 89 mins. In English

In 2016, filmmaker Greg Barker was given unprecedented access to the key people on the foreign policy team of the Obama administration—UN Ambassador Samantha Power, Secretary of State John Kerry, Strategic Communications Advisor Ben Rhodes, and the President himself—to chronicle the final year of diplomatic challenges facing an administration soon to turn over its responsibilities. Following the players to meetings around the globe—from Laos, to Japan, Nigeria, and Greenland—while grappling with issues from Syria, Russia, and Iran, to terrorism, the environment, and more, a portrait emerges of not only the complexities of the global community, but of the deep humanism, expertise, and tireless commitment required to be responsibly engaged. “Watching intelligent, stable adults work on foreign policy may cause pangs of painful nostalgia.”—The Wrap. The screening is open to Silver Screen Club members and guests only.

Genres: Documentary