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Directed by Faith Hubley

United States 1986 76 mins. In English

After winning three Academy Awards for her shorts made with husband John, Faith Hubley’s first and only animated feature serves as a compendium of both her visual style and deep interest in the world’s mythologies and art. The Cosmic Eye is the name of an alien spaceship that takes an unexpected detour to check out Planet Earth and its strange humans. At the controls are three hipster jazz musicians with acute homesickness who, as they witness little children and their hopes, dreams, fears, and constant yearning for peace, decide they must help. Hubley’s enchanting parable comes to life through the voices of Mother Earth (Maureen Stapleton) and Father Time (Dizzy Gillespie), with glorious music by Benny Carter, Elizabeth Swados, and Gillespie himself.

Genres: Animation