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Directed by Arthur D. Ripley

United States 1946 86 mins. In English

Chuck Scott (Robert Cummings) is a down-on-his-luck ex-serviceman in need of a meal in post-war Miami. Stumbling upon a lost wallet, he traces it back to the palatial home of suave businessman Eddie Roman (Steve Cochran), who, pleased by Scotty’s honesty, offers him a job as chauffeur. Scotty soon learns that Roman is bad news, likely involved in a business rival’s death, but keeps his mouth shut for the sake of a meal ticket. His resolve is tested, however, when Roman’s trophy wife Lorna (Michèle Morgan) appeals to him to help her escape her loveless marriage and flee to Havana. “Through a series of adroit directorial strokes, in the Hitchcock tradition, the pic’s momentum is made to mount in a steady, ascending line.”—Variety.