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Directed by François Margolin

France 2014 95 mins.

When her art dealer husband brings home a ravishing 18th century painting, Esther, a journalist, thinks nothing of it until her father is suddenly overcome with emotion at the sight of it. When he refuses to explain his visceral reaction, she becomes intent on solving the mystery of a treasure presumably stolen from her Jewish family by the Nazis. Risking her family, her profession, and even her sanity, she pushes against the silence of her Jewish elders, long-buried memories, and government cover-ups. Searching for the truth in a past shrouded in mystery, she uncovers a story that has been carefully buried for decades by those closest to her, and in doing so learns that some family secrets are best kept hidden. “A fine film, in which …memory, identity, art and imagination dance together and intermingle.”—Cineuropa. (French with English Subtitles)