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Directed by Roy Rowland

United States 1953 89 mins.

The magnificently eccentric mind of Theodor Geisel (a.k.a. Dr. Seuss) broke its children’s literature leash to conjure up this outrageous delight. Young Bart Collins, living with his widowed mother, detests the piano lessons administered by tyrannical Dr. Terwilliker. Cue a dream sequence in which Bart is held captive with 499 other boys at the Terwilliker Institute, where they are all forced to practice piano 24 hours a day. Dr. T. has built a serpentine piano so large that it will take all their 5,000 fingers to play it, and the premiere concert is just days away! This cold war nightmare is a wild ride through childhood fears in a wigged-out world only Dr. Seuss could design.