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Directed by Silvia Kolbowski

United States 2018 120 mins.

“To follow a non-imperialistic policy and maintain a non-racist faith becomes daily more difficult because it becomes daily clearer how great a burden mankind is for man.”—Hannah Arendt

The politics of institutions penetrate daily life during times of crisis. What engaged—albeit antagonistic—positions can artists take in relation to the field of art, and to broader social relations? Silvia Kolbowski (b. 1953, Buenos Aires) will be in discussion with New York–based curator Kari Rittenbach about cultural collusion, personal implication in the political, psyche-specificity, and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (1818). Excerpts will be screened from Kolbowski’s two-channel installation Proximity to Power: American Style (2003/4), followed by the world premiere of That Monster: An Allegory (2018), a short looped video that plays once with music and once silent. With audience Q&A. This event is co-presented with Yale Union.

Proximity to Power: American Style, 2003–04
Digital slides (color), sound
Audio: 37.18 min.

That Monster: An Allegory, 2018
Video loop projection, black and white, 18 min.
Music: Excerpts from Metamorphosis 1 and Metamorphosis 2 by Philip Glass
© 1988 Dunvagen Music Publishers Inc. Used by Permission
Pianist: Dustin O’Halloran