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Directed by Ali Soozandeh

Austria, Germany 2017 90 mins.

In Tehran, a city laden with restrictions and religious laws of patriarchy, modesty, and family honor, transgressions can lead to draconian, sometimes lethal punishment. Iranian-born Soozandeh’s debut film dives into Iranian street culture and the search for personal emancipation as it follows the intersecting lives of three women—a sex worker, a trapped wife, and a struggling musician—as they grapple with the regime’s double standards of sex, gender, and religion. Employing rotoscoping to capture the actors’ character and emotion, “This wily account of 20-something Iranians negotiating an assault course of laws and
prohibitions to get their kicks fizzes with energy and bad behavior.”—Screen International. Adult.

Filmography: Die Rückkehr der Wollmäuse (2009)

Reviews: Hollywood Reporter, Screen Anarchy, Screen Daily