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Directed by Matt Wolf

United States 2013 78 mins. In English

Who was the first teenager? Based on punk-historian Jon Savage’s book Teenage: The Creation of Youth, Wolf’s compelling collage of archival images, Super-8mm recreations, and the actual diaries of mid-century teens, all set to an alluring post-punk contemporary soundtrack, is an entertaining look at the birth of the iconic, eternally cool figure of the teenager. Though the seeds of youth culture were planted even before the hipsters of the 1920s, the word and concept of “teenager” was a post-World War II invention. Before then, childhood and adulthood were two completely discrete phases with nothing in between. Wolf’s historical survey finds that the urge to escape adult oppression, fashion personal identity, and influence the culture is universal—and eternally inspirational. “Pop cultural historiography of the most style-conscious and captivating kind.”—Indiewire.