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Directed by Warwick Thornton

Australia 2018 113 mins. In English

Combining elements of classic period Westerns and courtroom drama, Sweet Country is set in the Australian outback of the late 1920s and is inspired by true events. Aboriginal stockman Sam and his wife, Lizzie, who live in peace, are forced on the run when Sam kills a drunken white landowner in self-defense. Pursued by a grizzled police sergeant and a band of white men determined to see a “blackfella” hang, expert bushman Sam can easily keep a step ahead of his rabid pursuers until, for the health of pregnant Lizzie, he decides to give himself up. Sam, and justice, go on trial. Winner of the Platform Prize, Toronto International Film Festival, and the Special Jury Prize at the Venice Film Festival. (113 mins.)

Filmography: Words with Gods (2014), The Darkside (2013), Samson & Delilah (2009)

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