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On the strength of their independent horror film WHITE ZOMBIE, a freak success in 1932, Victor and Edward Halperin landed at Paramount on a one-picture deal. It was the only time in their careers that the Halperins worked at a major studio with access to first-rate production facilities, competent supporting players, and a major star—in this case, Carole Lombard, eager to prove she was more than just the queen of screwball comedy. Lombard plays heiress Roma Courtenay, who is approached by a quack spiritualist claiming to carry an important message from her deceased brother. After participating in a séance in the hopes of speaking with her brother, Lombard becomes possessed by the malevolent spirit of an executed murderess with unfinished business….

Genres: Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Other Films by Victor Halperin

White Zombie

I Walked With A Zombie, Night of the Living Dead, and countless other films trace their lineage back to White Zombie, widely regarded as the first zombie movie. The film is dominated by Bela Lugosi’s compelling performance as a Haitian voodoo master who uses a combination of magic potions and mind control to turn natives