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Directed by Selma Vilhunen

Finland, Netherlands, Sweden 2018 102 mins. In Finnish, Somali with subtitles

Kiira (Rosa Honkonen) is pretty, popular, the lead on the high school dance team, and long-time crush of goofy, scrawny Lenni (Jere Ristseppä). After a hook-up at a party, Kiira discovers that she’s pregnant and they decide to keep the baby. Not your typical coming-of-age drama, Stupid Young Heart uses the nine-month lead up to a life-changing event to explore contemporary connections between manhood, race, and nationalism in an economically depressed Finnish suburb. Sweet and supportive at first, Lenni’s insecurities about how to provide for the coming baby have him seeking advice from a new friend Janne, who is a member of a far-right group plotting against a growing Somali community. In the end, Lenni must figure out what fatherhood means to him, in this reflection of all-to-real events against immigrant communities throughout Europe.

Filmography: Pony Girls (2008), Song (2014), Nordic Factory (2014), Little Wing (2016), Hobbyhorse Revolution (2017)

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