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  • Directed by Agnieszka Holland
  • Poland/Germany/Czech Republic/Sweden/Slovakia/France, 2017, 128 mins., Polish

Drawing inspiration from local fairy tales, Spoor dissects political corruption and environmental activism in a small Polish town. Janina is a retired engineer, astrology lover, vegetarian, and defender of animal rights who lives alone in the Sudeten Mountains. One winter night, she finds the body of her neighbor, a poacher. The circumstances of his death are mysterious, as the only footprints found around his house are the prints of deer hooves. When other members of the local hunting club are mysteriously murdered, and seeing the ineffectiveness of the police, she starts her own unconventional investigation. Holland’s ecologically minded thriller is this year’s Polish Oscar submission. In Polish with English subtitles.

Filmography: In Darkness (2011), Washington Square (1997), The Secret Garden (1993), Olivier, Olivier (1992), Europa Europa (1990), To Kill a Priest (1988), Angry Harvest (1985)

Reviews: Slant Magazine, IndieWire

Interviews: Hollywood Reporter

Genres: Drama

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