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Directed by Eduardo Nunes

Brazil 2012 128 mins. In Portuguese

On her deathbed, a young woman named Clarice gives birth to a baby girl, also christened Clarice by an attending “bruxa” (witch). Spirited away to a remote marsh village set on stilts, the infant is replaced that very day by a young girl, also named Clarice. As the other inhabitants of the village experience a day like any other, Clarice lives her whole life in the span of 24 hours—yet (as the film’s vast black-and-white panoramas suggest) even a lifetime so compressed remains impossible to fully grasp or contain. “An intensely poetic meditation on the life cycle with a magical-realist sensibility, it has the feel of a somber fairy tale. A visually beautiful film that demands that you surrender to its hypnotic images.”—The New York Times.

Genres: Drama

Appears in: Global Lens