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Directed by Kris Elgstrand

Canada 2014 80 mins.

“A timid office worker becomes both pariah and Pied Piper when she unleashes her confessional, scathingly honest pop compositions upon friends and co-workers in this hilarious comedy from Vancouver’s Kris Elgstrand. In his work as a playwright, screenwriter, and filmmaker, Elgstrand has wittily and often hilariously chronicled the foibles of bohemians. Following his collaboration with Dylan Akio Smith on 2009’s Doppelganger Paul, Elgstrand now makes his solo directorial debut with Songs, which takes caustic aim at art therapy, the contemporary music scene, and the suppressed artistic yearnings of middle managers—which, it turns out, are better left suppressed.”—Toronto International Film Festival.

Genres: Comedy

Appears in: Northwest Tracking