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Songs from the Second Floor

Anderson won the Grand Prize at the Cannes Film Festival for this first part of a “trilogy about being a human being.” Consisting of 60 vignettes set in a post-industrial, post-religious society, the quirky characters include the likes of a magician accidentally bisecting an audience member, a boy who cannot stop writing poetry, and a man who torches his furniture shop to start a new business selling crucifixes. In Andersson’s bleakly funny and brilliantly visioned film, these and other unrelated scenarios depict a place that is unraveling and characters who are giving up hope. “You have never seen a film like this before. You may not enjoy it but you will not forget it.”—Roger Ebert.

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Other Films by Roy Andersson

A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence

Winner of the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival, Andersson’s new film mirrors a bird’s panoramic perspective of the world and shares the fear of a coming apocalypse should humans choose not to intervene. Specifically, the bird watches two comedic traveling salesmen peddling unusual novelty items. Other characters appear in numerous vignettes that explore

You, the Living

You, the Living hilariously explores man’s existence, behavior, thoughts, worries, happiness, sorrow, and a profound longing for validation and love in 50 interconnected shorts inspired by Goethe’s poetry series Roman Elegies. Throughout the film, dream sequences and music (both as background and performed on camera) are used to reflect the woes and desire of the

A Swedish Love Story

Andersson’s first feature, his thesis project at the Swedish Film Institute, was a great critical and popular success in his home country. With the gorgeous Swedish summer as a backdrop, the film portrays the pure love that arises between the daughter of a refrigerator salesman and the son of a car mechanic, offering a glimpse