Shut Up Anthony

  • Directed by Kyle Eaton
  • Portland, 2017, 92 mins., English

Anthony talks too much. A neurotic creative grinding out a living at a Portland ad firm, he loses his girlfriend, job, and dignity over the course of a few days. Anthony flees to his family’s timeshare, where he encounters an estranged family friend who is an alcoholic theology professor. The two are forced to share the space as they clash over relationships, religion, vodka, and coaster etiquette. Inspired by that one guy we all know, Kyle Eaton’s debut features a winning score by composer and Tin Hat Trio co-founder Mark Orton (also a Northwest Film Center faculty member), a cast (Robert D’esposito, Jon Titterington, and Katie Michels) that keeps things lively, and a comedic tone that entertains to the end. Kyle Eaton will introduce the film.

Appears in: Northwest Tracking

Genres: Narrative