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Show Me Love

Elin (Alexandra Dahlstrom) lives in the unremarkable small town Åmål, a fact over which she despairs to anyone who will listen. Boredom, however, becomes a less poignant irritant when one loner meets another in the form of Agnes (Rebecca Liljeberg), whose status as a relative newcomer in town, paired with schoolhouse rumors about her sexuality, have granted her no friends. The gossip is true and Agnes falls for Elin, who gives in to a momentary dalliance at a party before making a public show of putting distance between them. Trafficking in both humor and subtle drama, Show Me Love perfectly encapsulates the fickle and often shortsighted nature of one’s behavior towards those we feel affection for while young. Moodyson’s film, his first, was wildly popular in his homeland upon release, outperforming Titanic at the Swedish box office. “Show Me Love, a touching account of the love affair between two schoolgirls, is the most engaging picture to have emerged from Sweden for some while.”—Philip French, The Observer. In Swedish with English subtitles.

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance

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