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Directed by Various

98 mins.

Films in this Program

Fainting Spells

Directed by Sky Hopinka

Told through recollections of youth, learning, lore, and departure, this is an imagined myth for the Xąwįska, or the Indian Pipe


Directed by Deborah Stratman

A cross-generational binding of three filmmakers seeking alternative possibilities to power structures they're inherently part of. The film grew out

Wishing Well

Directed by Sylvia Schedelbauer

Gushing colors. A time disjointed, yet synchronous. A transcendent turn, a quest for agency, a reunion with currents of the


Directed by Malena Szlam

Filmed in the Andes and set in a geological universe of ancestral salt flats, volcanic deserts and colored lakes transform


Directed by Tinne Zenner

A reflection on the power of language as a colonizer of foreign landscapes. A critical and graceful 16mm film in

Between Relating and Use

Directed by Nazli Dinçel

Borrowing words from Laura Marks' "Transnational Object" and DW Winnicott's "Transitional Object," this film is an attempt to ethically make

Fallen Arches

Directed by Simon Liu

Global in scope but intimate in spirit, Fallen Arches is a dizzying assembly of footage shot between the bucolic English

Polly One

Directed by Kevin Jerome Everson

Across Polly One's two exquisite shots, veteran filmmaker (and amateur meteorologist) Kevin Jerome Everson utilizes 16mm film and unconventional lenses to