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Directed by Various

83 mins.

Sponsored by Oregon Film and Prosper Portland

Films in this Program


Directed by Skye Fitzgerald

"As long as we rescue some people, that’s worth doing." This hopeful statement was made in a tragic environment by

An Oregon Canyon

Directed by Sika Stanton, Donnell Alexander

Oregon's racist past was, and still is, imprinted on geological and survey maps through its derogatory names for bluffs, mountains,

Burton Before and After

Directed by Courtney Herman

Fifteen years after Burton's gender-affirming transition, his longtime friend and director Courtney invites him over to re-visit footage she had

A Caged Bird Sings

Directed by Amanda Leigh Smith

A snapshot of the lives of three women living in Nabi Saleh, Palestine, a small village in area C of


Directed by Pam Minty

A visual homage to the study of postage stamps.

Sole Doctor

Directed by Paula Bernstein

An intimate portrait of George's Shoe Repair, a family-owned shoe repair shop in Portland, which has served the community for

Why I Fight

Directed by Anna Yeager

Four young Latina women express their hopes and dreams for the future while living in the United States. Having arrived