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Directed by Various


Films in this Program

Thou Shall Not Tailgate

Directed by Greg Hamilton

Art car creator, retired postman, minister, and founding member of the Portland Cacophony Society, the Rev. Charles “Chuck” Linville’s life

We Have Our Ways

Directed by Dawn Jones Redstone

In a dystopian future that severely clamps down on women’s health rights and corporations act as singular gateways for access


Directed by Sijia Huang

What came first, the chicken or the egg? Or was it neither and just the imagination of a child?

Concrete Canvass

Directed by Gary Lundgren

Retired boxer Evan Sanchez is haunted by headaches, failure, and living on the streets until he finds himself back in


Directed by Sam Neff

A young woman seeks to find a spiritual place of renewal after a traumatizing event.


Directed by Tessa Ribitsch

A young woman chooses to undergo a minor procedure, an insertion of an IUD for birth control. The procedure takes

Gut Feeling

Directed by Nesto

Two scientists toss logic, reason, and the scientific method to the wind in favor of a “gut feeling” that their