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Directed by Various

93 mins.

Films in this Program


Directed by Farnoosh Samadi

On her way back from work, a woman witnesses something happening in the bus. She must decide if she will

How Fernando Pessoa Saved Portugal

Directed by Eugène Green

During the 1920s, at the request of one of his employers, the poet Fernando Pessoa conceives an advertising slogan for

Hector Malot: The Last Day of the Year

Directed by Jacqueline Lentzou

New Year's Eve dawns in a moon-kissed car, and Sofia has a dream that she tells no-one: while walking on

The Glorious Acceptance of Nicholas Chauvin

Directed by Benjamin Crotty

During his acceptance speech for a lifetime achievement award, Nicholas Chauvin -- a farmer-soldier, a veteran of the Revolutionary Army